Hello i am Zafeiris

I was born and raised in Tilos. I had a big passion for sports and training since I was a kid. I used to train by myself, as at the time there were no sport activities on the island except football.

After studying Touristic industry in Rhodes, I started my own business in Tilos (Zafeiris- Apartments), but I never left my passion for sport activities. I studied and became a certificated personal trainer by NASM (National Academy of Sport Medication) in Athens, and at the same time I was working in a gym as an instructor specialised in body weight training, functional training, calisthenics and cross training.

I took part in many running competitions, trail running, obstacle races (Spartan race, Odyssey challenge), marathons all over Greece. I also took part in street workout and calisthenics competitions in Athens. Once I understood how much I like this kind of activities (running, calisthenics and OCR training), I decided to go back to my island and make my own gym. In 2017 I created Tilos Street Workout and started training the local people and the tourists visiting the island. You are most welcome to visit us, to enjoy training at our indoor & outdoor gym.

About Tilos

Tilos is a hidden gem a true star Island amongst the many and yet its uniqueness is its attraction... unknown to many and unspoilt provides purity that is unparalleled  elsewhere.

 Located between kos and Rhodes its a spectacular escape to enjoy sun sea great food and sports activities since we have an amazing outdoor gym that can be rarely found in Mediterranean that is simply on the beach line... It has facilities for kids to enjoy perfect friendly coastal beaches adults to enjoy nature walks shops bars tavernas for best organic food around.

Tilos has been the hidden diamond that now is reaching its light for the world to explore